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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
This would be the logical thing to do of course...write software to take advantage of all available cores...I'm sire it must be more complex than that...or I'm sure they would.

I'm not saying all games are written to only take advantage of 2 cores...some only use one core. But personally cannot think of any "main-stream" games that are written to take advantage of 6, 8. or more cores.

FYI...I just sold my 8-core Mac Pro 2 weeks ago...because almost everything I was doing didn't use more than 2 cores (6 cores wasted).

If someone is a professional video, photo, or computer graphics editor/creator...then a Mac Pro is the way to go (or a serious amateur, or someone with lots of $$$ to spend). All others really will not use a Mac Pro to the fullest.

- Nick

ps. Some folks also like Mac Pro's for expandability (4 internal HD bays)...or up to 4 video cards to run up to 8 monitors simultaneously. BUt many folks that do this...hardly ever take advantage of this expandability.
Awesome! Thanks for the help!
I have one more question.

What is the cache within a processor?
Like the L1 L2 L3?
Is the higher the cache the better?
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