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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
To be very honest...buying a 6-core or 8-core Mac Pro for playing games would be a big waste of $$$. I'm not sure there are any games out there that are written to take advantage of multiple cores...and if there are...they probably won't use more than 2-cores.

Beyond gaming...there are not may apps. written to take advantage of all the cores in a Mac Pro either. There are some apps. from Adobe that will use more cores...but unless you are REALLY serious about editing don't really need a 6 or 8-core Mac Pro.

Of course if you got the $$$...go for it. My goal is usually to optimally match up the right computer for the right needs & keep that choice within a reasonable budget. You would probably be just as happy with a quad-core iMac.

Something to think about,

- Nick
So games are written so that it only takes 2 cores, why would they do that and not just use how ever many available cores there are? I thought the processor just took what it got and split it into the cores?

Thanks for you help!
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