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Originally Posted by Grayw97 View Post
Thanks for the replies!

I will mostly be playing games. Like, Minecraft, Diablo, Dragon Age II, Starcraft, Torchlight, and things like that. I also edit movies. I do multi-task a lot when doing work.

I would like to be able to play the games on at least medium graphics and it run smoothly. I know that graphics is more in the graphics card, but the processor also effects the graphics right?
Back in the day, yes they affected graphics performance but in the days of modern gaming, processors are generally left to do all of the floating point calculations while the graphics card handles the graphics themselves and all of the effects such as dynamics, resolution, and things like anti aliasing (getting rid of the "jaggies").

A low powered CPU on a game will cause the whole thing to run slowly and sometimes freeze. A low powered graphics card will limit you on how many effects the game can display and affect the frame rate.

All in all, I would go for the 6 core machine. It's powerful enough to run what you want, it'll be somewhat future proof and will save you some money too.
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