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Hey everyone, I have found to computer I like. The only main difference is one has a 2.8ghz 8-core processor, while the other has a 3.3ghz 6-core processor.

Which is better?
3.3ghz 6-core
2.8ghz 8-core

Is the 2.8ghz 8-core better? That is what I would infer from the computer knowledge I have.

Also, I don't remember where I read this but I read that the six core processor, probably the same on the eight core, actually has 3 cores and 3 threads. Is this true. The guy that said that, I believe, said that he took a benchmark of it and it only showed 3 cores. Is this true?

Oh and I just saw a the almost identical computer with a 3.1ghz 8-core. That is better than the others right?

Any help is appreciated!
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