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Originally Posted by munkism
it keeps saying that a "root directory /sw already exists" and that i need to install it [Fink 0.7.2] on a separate volume anytime i try installing Fink 0.7.2.
Basically, your computer is telling you to get rid of all traces of the old Fink, before installing the new one. This includes deleting the folder (aka 'directory') where it put previously downloaded software (that's the /sw).

If you don't mind losing anything you've downloaded from fink in the past, your easiest option is to delete it as follows. Please type the command correctly and double check it before hitting enter. A mistake could be disastrous!
1. Open up the terminal application (Under applications -> utilities -> terminal)
2. At the command line, type: sudo rm -rf /sw
3. Hit enter.
4. Enter your administrator password when asked.
5. Hit enter.
6. Close the terminal application immediately ("Terminal" -> "Quit")
Hopefully the fink reinstall should be okay now. Good luck!
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