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I have an Imac Snow Leopard 10.6.3 1TB hard drive , it has a partition of 100gb for Windows 7 using Bootcamp (only for games)

The computer was kind of slow one night. The next day it was so terrible slow that I decided to restart it, but it never showed OSX again. If I try to boot into single user mode it shows Windows Boot Manager. Even booting with alt only shows Bootcamp Windows. Is like OSX disappeared.

I tried Disk utility and it showed an "invalid node structure" error, "Disk Utility cannot repair this disk"

I also used Diskwarrior, the test was relatively fast and showed this at the end "Disk Warrior has successfully built a new directly for the disk. The new directory cannot replace the original because of disk Malfunction. Disk Malfunction is a failure of or damage to any mechanical component of the disk or any component connected to it"
I also did a S.M.A.R.T. test from diskwarrior which turned out ok

I used Apple Hardware test, (booting with D and the Applications DVD). It goes through several things, even logic board but when it reaches "testing in progress" almost at the end it gets stucked. I have tried the simple and complete test in many different ways, with mouse, without, everything disconnected, it doesn't matter, clicking the "Stop Testing" button or using cmd+period (as instructed on screen) doesn't stop the test. The "Total Time Testing" field also stops counting. I have to force shut down with the power button every time.

But here comes the most odd part of this story. The computer now almost always boots in the Windows 7 partition which works perfectly. I can chat, use videocamera, save, delete, listen to music, watch videos, etc.... I even enter from Windows all my MAC Archives and backup almost the 900Gb I had with no problem (great thing to use Bootcamp, never imagined it will be this useful).

So my question is, WHATS WRONG? The hard drive? the logic board? the fan? I need to know in order to buy the replacement. I have no warranty anymore and would like to fix it myself.

Please help me understand what is going on
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