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munkism is offline here's the rundown. i've previously installed Nicotine, Fink, etc. on my mac (then OS 10.3.1) a while ago and deleted, or at least thought i did, Nicotine, Fink, and Soulseek. now, i'm trying to re-install these programs (currently running 10.3.9) and i can't install Fink 0.7.2. i found fink 0.7.0 on my HD, but it keeps saying that a "root directory /sw already exists" and that i need to install it [Fink 0.7.2] on a separate volume anytime i try installing Fink 0.7.2. i have no idea what this means....sorry, i'm sorta of a noobie to all this (again). can anyone help? thanx.

oh yeah, here's the link that i'm using to install Soulseek again.
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