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So as the title suggests I somehow broke osx. On phone now.

I was trying to delete about 20,000 picture files which were all Firefox cache crap.
Dragging to trash kinda went bad. Was moving to trash at a rate of 1 file per 20 seconds. I canceled and restarted then it was preparing to move to trash for an hour.
Com was frozen so I restarted.

Startup freeze + desktop icons don't load
Repeat 20 times
Managed to start in safe mode and open activity monitor.
Finder is using 110% CPU and if I force quit it starts again till it all freezes and I have to restart . I thought I'd let it do it's thing but now it's started. Desktop icons don't load. Everything is frozen .

I got exams and really need the con. Also done the command option p + r thing too.

Any help is appreciated thanks
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