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I downloaded and installed NTFS 3-G from the internet so that I could see, read & write to my external NTFS HD, but I keep getting mounting errors with NTFS 3-G. Everyone told to uninstall the program was to drag it to the trash & it would be gone. I did that, but everytime I put a formatted NTFS drive in the Mac NTFS 3-G keeps popping up with the same error message about mounting & not being seen. How do I completely uninstall the program & its drivers from my iMac (Lion)? I've even gone as far to purchase MacKeeper and it doesn't see NTFS 3-G in the applications to uninstall which is a feature on MacKeeper, so why does it keep popping up? Please help & know that your help is highly appreciated. Thank you...


Bob Spannagel
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