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I think I've had the problem for a day or two but just noticed it this morning when I realized that TextWrangler was showing a file as unsaved when I had just pressed Cmd-S to save changes. No matter what application is active, pressing Cmd-S initiates a file archive in StuffIt instead of saving. A small window pops up with the window title, Stuffit Progress. It attempts to archive whatever app, file, or folder is highlighted in the Finder. Selecting "Save" from the File menu in an application works but what a pain to have to mouse up there everytime.

I checked Preferences for the StuffIt programs (Archive Manager, Destinations) but found nothing related to Cmd-S. I checked Prefs for StuffIt's Magic Menu and Cmd-S is the "Stuff" command but that should only work when the Finder is active and a file is highlighted. I've checked the Keyboard Shortcut Prefs and didn't find anything related to Cmd-S. I tried quitting the StuffIt Helper process in Activity Monitor but it restarted as soon as I press Cmd-S. I've checked Finder Prefs and found nothing.

Some thoughts:
  • Yesterday, I used the Terminal to play around with encrypting a zipped file. Could I have entered an escape command (\) that changed the function of Cmd-S? If so, is there a Terminal command string that would restore normal functioning of Cmd-S? This seems to most likely to me since Magic Menu seems to be intercepting the Save command from other applications.
  • I use TotalFinder (1.3.4) to get tabbed Finder windows but have used that for many months without an issue. I can't find anything in the Prefs related to keyboard shortcuts but could I be missing something?

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
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