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Hi all,

I was anti-Apple 10 years ago. I used an I-River to boycott the iPod, until I couldn't resist the 60Gb version that was released and converted over. Ever since dipping my toe into the Apple ocean, I have slowly been converted into an all-Apple advocate. iPod, iPhone, iPad, and most recently, the MacBook Air.

But, I've noticed that the MBA (unlike PC laptops) doesn't have a lot of options when it comes to docking stations - and the one I'd be interested in (LandingZone - on kickstarter) is floundering in pre-production. So, I was thinking about making my own, and if there is demand, making them for others.

Yet, the challenge I face is that some of the proprietary Apple parts do not come up under a simple google search. The two in particular are: the male & female ends of the magsafe A/C cord (the part that is in the laptop and the part that connects to it with a green power light) and the male & female ends of the thunderport.

Does anyone know where one can acquire individual pieces for my own prototype, and more importantly, where one can buy these in bulk if they were to start building docks for others?


P.S. This is my first post on the Mac-Forums, booyow!
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