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Hi all,
I'm having some trouble with a usb 2.0 flash drive.

I switch it between windows and Mac machines (XP/Vista, and OSX 10.5.8),
it's been fine between all. Until one day it failed to disconnect from the XP computer.

When I plugged it into the Mac it was not recognized, and now is also not recognizable by any of the computers. Although the light on the drive itself does light up though, and blink.
It doesn't appear in on the desktop or in disk utility on the mac.

I realize that lots of that was about Windows, but I'm just giving all the information I have, and any help for use with Mac or Windows would be much appreciated.

In Vista it appears in 'My Computer', but when clicked it asks for a disk to be inserted.
Also, when I right click on 'Computer' (in the start menu) and select 'manage' the drive is there, but is highlighted black rather than blue, and it says 'no media'.
I read that changing the drive letter may help, so i did it, and now it says it is 'online' and in properties it says the file type is 'master boot record'. So it seems to have some effect.

Finally, I'm not interested in saving the drive, I just need the data from it. which I am sure is there just inaccessible.

Thanks in advance.

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