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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
From the online Apple Store:

- A 1st gen. iPad 64gig + 3G will cost you $549.
- A 2nd gen. iPad 32gig + 3G will cost you $529.

So unless you absolutely NEED 64gig of storage...I would go with the 32gig + 3G iPad2.


- Nick

p.s. Of course if you're talking a used iPad (1st or 2nd gen.) from e-Bay or Craig's may be able to save some $$$ versus the prices I listed above.
Thanks Nick,
I'm looking at a refurb from a reseller, so I'm looking at about 1/2 of those prices for the 1st gen 64G. also I'm a photographer, and plan on using this as a mobile portfolio (zenfolio, etc...) as well as typical travel internet usage... email, surfing etc...

currently I carry a cheap windoze laptop and an ipod touch, but most nights I just squint at the ipod so I'm looking at the ipad so I can upgrade and streamline what I haul around with me.

I would Love to get a 32G new Ipad of course ( who wouldn't?) will have to earn that one (opening my own studio soon, and will take that out of profits down the road).

Originally Posted by louishen View Post
Looks like you are OK

iOS version history - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

edit, as pigoo says, consider the ipad 2
I'll consider an ipad2 of course. I'm mainly looking at the higher memory ipad1 because of image storage.

the 3G aspect is immaterial, where I use it most, I have wifi available.

also I just realized this should be over in the IOS section, not hardware... can admin move the thread?
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