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Originally Posted by dtravis7 View Post
I am sure there is more going on here with the USB 3.0 cards, but USB in general is never as fast in real use as it is on paper. That is why I have never liked USB anything except for mice and keyboards.

How slow you talking? Did you do any measurements?

I do agree with FT, even with 4 bays inside, external drives are easily moved and can be used with other systems.

I have never tried this, but since you have a Mac Pro, is there not a Spare SATA port on the logic board? If so, I would get an E-SATA bracket and use the drives E-SATA which BLOWS down any USB anyway!
As I remember the USB 3.0 moved 1.93 GB's per min and the F/W 800 did right at 2.0 per min on an 80GB CCC. But I may check again,
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