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I am going insane trying to achieve something that should be simple here - please help!

I have OS X Lion, and iCloud set up, and I have a group of contacts in Address Book that I want to send to some cordless phones I just bought. These phones are able to receive vCards over Bluetooth. I've already tried to use the supplied software to do it (they are Siemens SL400A phones), but this couldn't see any of my contacts, and I suspect it's because they are in iCloud. So I thought I should try the Bluetooth solution...

But can I find a way? No. I've been chasing my tail all evening, exporting to vcf files, looking for apps to do it for me... no luck so far.

Why doesn't Address Book simply... you know... just, allow Bluetooth vCard exports? Surely that would be the simple answer, and I have a feeling it used to in previous versions

Any suggestions gratefully received - thanks!

EDIT: Got it! Well, that's always the way, isn't it? You post on a forum for help, and two minutes later you find the answer yourself!

Here's what I did, in case anyone else wants to know:
* Export the contacts from Address Book to a .vcf file
* Go into main preferences / Bluetooth and select the device you want to send to
* click on the options symbol (to the right of the + and - buttons below the list of devices) and select "Send File..."
* Select the .vcf and it is sent to the device.

Simple really - just not where I expected it to be!
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