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I have a first generation MacBook Air 1,1. It's the 1.8GHz Core 2 Duo version with the 64GB SSD and 2 GB of RAM. I have 2 issues currently.

First off, the Wifi. I have tried everything to fix it, but it's no use. Here's the issue:
I did a clean install of OSX Snow Leopard from the CD, the Wifi worked fine. I used the Update Utility to update to the latests version. It download everything fine, installed, working perfect. Now when I log on, no wifi. Out of all the networks I have tried (4), it always says 'Connection timed out.'
So, I did another fresh install of Snow Leopard. Wifi is perfect. So now I go and buy OSX Lion, now that's installed. No Wifi. Same 'Connection Timed out.' Wifi doesn't work at all. So it's gotta be software related, maybe drivers? I have no idea how to fix this. All fresh installs, it only works on 10.6.0, or whatever the retail version is.

The second, not so big problem is the speakers don't work anymore. No red light in the headphone jack, no output devices. Under the System Profiler audio tab, it says:
Intel High Definition Audio

Audio ID: 0
Weird thing is, while doing a fresh install of Lion, I check System Profiler, and it shows:
Intel High Definition Audio

ID device: 0x106B00A2

Audio ID: 0
So I've been doing some research, and I've come to the conclusion it's the Audio Flex Cable. It's $30, and doesn't look to hard to replace, I just want to make sure that's what it is before I buy it.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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