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I have googled this until my fingers have bled!

I have recently replaced a crashed laptop with a MacBook Pro (Intel core i7) with OSX Lion 10.7.4, and bought Office 2011.

My office runs an email server with Microsoft Exchange 2003... I know Iknow... Massive problem... which I am NOW aware of.

In essence no email client compatible for OSX Lion 10.7.4 can talk to Microsoft Exchange 2003.

I have tried unsuccessfully, Outlook 2011, Mail 5, Mozilla Thunderbird, DavMail... In all iMap, POP3, Exchange...

Older clients such as Entourage aren't supported as they are Power PC applications...

I am currently using Mimecast (an email management system), which is barely making out to be a viable temparary solution.

My final attempt theory is to install Paralells 7, and run a Windows based client and purely run email through Paralells... but have been advised by more savvy friends to exhaust every other possible solution prior. I feel I was there a week ago...

I need a solution, and fast...

Please help.
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