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Originally Posted by dtravis7 View Post
That is strange as OSX reads and writes to FAT32 just fine. Are you sure the drive was readable before you unplugged it from the PC? Do you still have the PC or is it gone?

Even if the drive was formatted NTFS, OSX will read it, just not write to it out of the box.
Initially when I used the drive, I had installed it into an open bay on my Dell XPS, and was able write to it okay. I was able to read and alter docs etc. But when we sold the PC and moved, thats when I put it in the enclosure. After reading the NexStar 3 documentation, it doesn't seem to state that it has a drive size limit. When I asked the techs where I bought the hard drive enclosure, they said that NexStar is what they recommend most for the WD Caviar drives. I don't have the original PC. Any ideas?
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