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Hi, I'm new to the forums I was searching around Google for an answer to my question but there seems to be alot of misinformation floating around and not alot of concrete answers.

I just purchased a new SSD from Crucial, I have yet to install it because I'm unsure about the process of getting lion installed.

I have a late 2011 MBP that came with OSX Lion installed, I have no recovery disc, USB or external harddrives with Lion on it, Just a HDD inside the machine and a SSD in a box.

Now i've read around the web that when I install an SSD I can then start up the MBP and hit
Option +R after the chime to open up the Lion recovery assistant.

What I need to know is... Do I need to partiton/format the drive prior to installing it in the computer and installing Lion or will the recovery take care of this for me if not what steps do I have to do to accomplish this?
Also is it true that I can just put in a new SSD with absolutely no software installed, hit Option+R and then install Lion?

I should also note that I don't want to make a carbon copy of my drive HDD or any of those other avenues I just want a fresh install of Lion on the SSD with the least amount of work being done to accomplish this.

Thanks for your help.
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