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I'd really appreciate some advice on storage. I'm looking to consolidate several years worth of (important) photos and movies - currently on many spools of DVDs in drawers, shudder - onto one system. I want at least RAID1 to be safe, so I know it's not going to be Superfast, but I'm not likely to use it much directly for editing. And I'm working with a 4 year old MacBook Pro, so I'm not bothered about Thunderbolt. Yet.
I'm thinking 4tb (2tb) or possibly 6TB (3tb) so I can just have everything in one place.

I'm considering G SAFE,
- is it worth the extra money.. is it much safer? Is the digital display really helpful? Or if I'm paying extra for speed I probably don't need it...

WD MyBook Studio Pro

-I like the 30% less energy consumption but I'm nervous about overheating. Any opinions/experience here?

and Lacie 2big Quadra - Again, any opinions/experience I'd love to know...

Or is there another option I should be considering?
(Is there something that'll automatically take it all off the DVDs for me and transfer it immediately and wirelessly? )

Thanks very much
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