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I found the file DCIM on my iphone and copied it to my PC desktop external 300 GB hard drive successfully, some questions now:

1- It took one hour to download 13.2 GB (14,185,190,408 bytes) 78 files and one folder
(is there a faster better way to do the download?)

2- I now need to clear some space on my iphone, but first want to be sure that the downloaded data is safe and can be accessed.
2.1 what image and video program do you recommend I use?

-Picassa and MS Picture are both places where I have stored photos and videos

-I have a Mac Pro with external hard drive which is where i want to store photos and videos

-I am trying to learn Final Cut Pro which is on the laptop

2.2 Can you give me the steps for connecting my iphone to the Mac Pro and setting up a location on my external hard drive that will work for editing of photos and video productions?

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