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Originally Posted by tammo
Help! I’ve just bought a 12inch Powerbook G4 running OSX 10.3 (Panther). I need to fax documents using my mobile as the modem. It is a Nokia 6310i with Bluetooth and it works brilliantly with my Powerbook to get connected to the internet. It ‘pairs’ well and I have no problem with it in this area. Unfortunately the FaxStf software which is bundled with my laptop does not let you send or receive via the mobile phone . It can only handle the Apple Internal Modem.In my previous G3 Powerbook the FaxStf software allowed you to ‘connect via’ the infrared and I spent many happy years faxing ‘on the road’ using my old infrared Nokia. I have contacted SmithMicro, the designers of this software and they have told me it is not possible to fax via a mobile phone. I’m stuck! Does any one know of any other fax software that allows to fax from a Bluetooth enabled Mac via a Bluetooth phone?
OS X.3 has built in faxing. It supports the Bluetooth modem as well so that should solve your problems. You would just print the document you want to fax to the fax software. If you open the print menu you should see a fax button that will allow you to fax out from your powerbook.
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