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Hi, I need some advice. My ipad is completely dead, I have the apple logo appearing on the screen for 20 minute stretches then flickering off, then coming back on again until the battery runs out.

I have tried to force a restore by holding the home key and placing the USB cable to it, iTunes then starts to download the software but during this process, the iTunes logo on the screen of the iPad times out so when the download on iTunes is complete it no longer recognizes the iPad as being connected.

I called apple support who basically told me all he would do is tell me to do what I have already done, I only called to see if there was anything else they could offer by way of help. They booked me an appointment to see an Apple Genius today at 2.30pm (2.45 hours time).

My question is, my iPad 2 is jailbroken on iOS 5.0 with absynth, will Apple be able to see this information in anyway if the iPad cannot restore or turn on beyond the apple logo on the screen? I need to know before I go to save myself the embarrassment of being turned away. It's not even a year old.

It wont restore, It wont plug in to iTunes or be recognized in anyway if a USB cable is inserted (Aside from the holding down of the home key and getting it to restore via iTunes which it times out on) I used to be able to plug it in and something would appear on the task bar of my PC to tell me I had plugged it in but this time, nothing. So the question is, will apple know if it has been jailbroken if there is no way to get it to work? The Apple support guy seemed to believe the Apple Genius's will do the same as what I have done as well. Is this true, or is there anything else they can do?

Anyone even know why my iPad did this? I was messaging a friend on iMessage the screen just went black as if it had crashed and then the apple logo appeared and nothing since!

Many thanks in advance for any help!
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