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If you have any doubts, just buy a "cheap" 13" MacBook Pro like I did and play with it. I got the low end MBP a year ago and couldn't be happier, and I followed that up with a 27" iMac i7. Love it, and it is markedly quicker than the little Pro.

I got a good chuckle from some of your comments because I thought the same thing at the time, e.g. "where's the ctrl key" and etc. I do miss the cut and paste function though. Other than that, the OS is a fine work of art imho. I really like turning my computer on and working with it. I know that sounds infantile in a way, but that is the truth. My Macs deliver, period. Oh and no more **** registry to mess with. And I don't have to reload the freaking OS every year to speed it back up. I have monitored my boot times on the MBP and they have not changed at all within the last year.

You need to quit worrying and just buy a Mac. I built my last few PCs and was programmed to hate OSX but I loved it within days.

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