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Hi all,

I own a 2008 macbook pro which has been slowing, slowing, slooooooowing... to the point where I almost can't work with it - opening word or iphoto literally takes several minutes. I already did several spring cleanings, checked for viruses, etc... to no avail. The lads at the Apple store recommended reinstalling everything. I was hoping to avoid that, but it looks like it's time.

So I know how to create a bootable USB drive (I run Lion btw) and how to back up all my stuff, BUT... I have a couple of questions:

1) should I (can I?) take this opportunity to replace the hard drive with a larger one? I currently have a 250 GB, and I was thinking about putting a 500 GB or even 1 TB in its place.

2) if that's an option, are there any specs i should be aware of, or can I use any semi-decent 2.5-in hard drive on the market?

3) specifically, can I buy an external hard drive, take it out of its case and put it in the mac, and put the "old" mac drive in the case, so as to be able to directly access all my files on the now external drive, once OSX is reinstalled?

4) a specific software question: I own iWork 09 and use it all the time. However, since I bought the CDs I moved, and the CDs are now somewhere in a box, in a storage several countries away. Am I screwed, or is there a way to re-install it from the AppStore without having to pay for it again? (I registered the software when I installed it and entered the s/n, of course)

5) anything in particular that I should be aware of?

I'm not looking forward to this, so any help to make this a little less painful would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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