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Help! I’ve just bought a 12inch Powerbook G4 running OSX 10.3 (Panther). I need to fax documents using my mobile as the modem. It is a Nokia 6310i with Bluetooth and it works brilliantly with my Powerbook to get connected to the internet. It ‘pairs’ well and I have no problem with it in this area. Unfortunately the FaxStf software which is bundled with my laptop does not let you send or receive via the mobile phone . It can only handle the Apple Internal Modem.In my previous G3 Powerbook the FaxStf software allowed you to ‘connect via’ the infrared and I spent many happy years faxing ‘on the road’ using my old infrared Nokia. I have contacted SmithMicro, the designers of this software and they have told me it is not possible to fax via a mobile phone. I’m stuck! Does any one know of any other fax software that allows to fax from a Bluetooth enabled Mac via a Bluetooth phone?
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