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Originally Posted by Slydude View Post
There is software out there called MacDrive that allows Windows users to read Mac drives. Though I doubt many Many Windows users have it installed or know about it for that matter. It is possible to create a drive with one Mac partition and one Windows partition on the same drive. I tried it for a very short period but not long enough to say how reliable it is for holding data long term.

Here is the situation as I see it perhaps others will disagree. If the drive is going to be used to be used on Mac and PC then there are two main questions

1. Will the files be larger than 4GB if so use NTFS. The Mac can write to it with the software I referenced earlier.
2. If the files will be less than 4GB use FAT 32. Both machines can read/write to it without additional software.
Thanks for the reminder of the 4GB limitation. I always forget that! Folks have a tendency to be overwhelmed and befuddled when it comes to numbers. I am too. Bigger is always better. Well, not always. I don't think I have a file that's that big. If nothing else, I'll split it and transfer it. So my ext. HD will be formatted in FAT 32.

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