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Hi all, I am interested in upgrading my intel 2.4 to 2.6 . I think they are called p8600 and p8800 respectively. Im pretty sure it can be done but needed to double check a few times over to make sure before purchasing the p8800. I know its an option 'in shop' to upgrade so therefore I'm guessing that the chip is NOT soldered to the logic board. I have seen a few tear downs and the above seems true but I haven't found any conformation in black and white writing if you know what I mean! I even called apple support but they were a bit cagey about it and no-one really knew ? Anyway I found myself here... Im going to replace the 320gb hd with a owc ssd anyways and thought about doing the above as a sort of bonus while I'm inside the mac mini . Also I discovered geforce have an 330m graphics chip ... so would it be possible to swop out the 320m also?
Sorry for long thread!

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