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Dear Pendlewitch,
thank you for your reply. I have done some research on the use of Disk Utility and the sources were from Apple Support as well as from other MAC forum websites and they seemed to suggest it is a good idea to regularly run Disk Utility on the external disk for cleaning the disk if it finds any problems that can be repaired. I am curious to know about your research on Disk Utility.

Also, I have decided to ditch my old backed-up data from the disk by running Erase option using Disk Utility and it reformated my external disk LaCie without any problem. Then I performed a fresh back up using the Time Machine and wah lah! My Time Machine is now talking to LaCie again and performed its regular backup nicely.

I really don't know what happened to it and I hope it stays alive for a loooong time...Keep my fingers crossed.
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