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Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
1. There is no such thing as an anti-virus program that is 100 percent effective.

2. New malware and viruses are being created all the time. An anti-virus can't stop something it's never encountered before.

3. A lot of Windows malware/viruses are disguised so that the owner has very little clue that they have one or that it is doing anything. That's why I laugh at those Windows owners who claim they don't run anti-virus and "have never had problem." THOSE are the people behind the bot-nets, the zombie attacks, the DDoS attacks, etc.
Oh, obviously 1 & 2 will be the case with any AV software; you can only protect against what you know is out to get you.

And I'll admit that was once one of the people spreading a bot. Not for want of trying not to, but the crummy AV software I used got corrupted when a poorly programmed game I installed on my old XP PC caused a crash & I had to do a hot reboot. As soon as I checked the Talk Manager & found the reason why FireFox, MSN Messenger, etc. couldn't connect to the internet was because I had a dozen unkillable Internet Explorer processes running in the background & eating all the bandwidth I shut-down my broadband router and reinstalled Windows, but I'm sure my computer had spread the virus to hundreds of others by then :/

I've actually realised the answer to my own initial question though; there's no profit in providing free virus protection via ISPs when you can charge millions of users individually.

For my purposes as an engineering undergraduate; Windows is respectable (& generally necessary), Linux is admirable (& often useful), OS X is enjoyable (& requires no further justification, although plenty could be given)!
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