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Originally Posted by Stretch View Post
There should be an installed section on Cydia where you can see everything you've installed via Cydia. Just select and remove from there.
Thanks, I am aware of that function, but the problem is though that my phone will only boot into the non jailbroken state, so i cant open cydia to do that.

Originally Posted by Stretch View Post
Other is anything that doesn't fall under the predefined categories listed. It can be extra app data, setting, emails, messages, etc. Cydia stuff would probably fall into that category too.
That kind of contradicts what u said before. You said cydia apps wont back up, yet if 'other' also contains data which is backed up 'app data, setting, emails, messages, etc' then why wont they be too?

Also when you said earlier that cydia a full restore removes cydia apps, what about a 'restore from back up'?
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