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I got it. So I will add the key as an array with the values you suggested; I did read that on the UI description page you linked over.

As for the screenshot, I wish I could send you a screenshot of the whole xcode platform, but there are details on their that would break my non-disclosure agreement with my buddy.

So, if you dont mind and are not frustrated with me yet (haha) I have the project settings page up and this is what is listed:

"Project Format" Xcode 3.2 compatible (Under the Project Document Panel on the right)
"Deployment Target" 5.1 (in the center under iOS Application Target)
"Devices" iPhone (in the center under iPhone/ iPod Deployment Info.

There are 5 Linked Frameworks and Libraries (not sure yet what this means exactly)

Ah maybe this is what you are referring to...when I click on the icon under "PROJECT" in the left of center it shows that the iOS Deployment Target is 5.1. So is this why he is not able to pull up the app. on his new iPad?

Could I convince you to explain why it says "1 target" under the Project name but up in the center top area where you see the progress bar when the simulator is loading it says "project 11 with the triangular yellow apostrophe in the middle of "project" and "11"? Does that mean there are 11 problems with the project? That would made sense because that symbol appears frequently in the code navigator.

So does any of this info. give you a clue why it wont load on a new iPad 3? After I put in the key in the Array the problem with resolution in the iPad simulator will be gone right?

Thank you a million if you are able to make sense of this!
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