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I am hoping that someone can help me. I have been always on a PC but have been wanting to switch over to Mac for a long time now. I mean every time I would go to Future Shop or Best Buy or any other computer store I would drool over the Mac's. I talked to lots of people who said being a photographer and editing pictrues a Mac would be the that all being said I finally got my dream computer it is a 27" iMac 2.7Ghz quad core Intel Core i5..... I started to play around with it and thought this is great!! I bought the Photoshop CS5 since I always had CS3 on my PC I needed to update. Well that is when my not really problems but chaos started. I can't find my pictures...then I find them in iphoto and go in there and figure out how to open it up into my CS5. Then I get an external hard drive and at this point I have albums and pictures all over the world and I am worried about breaking them I copied my pics to a disc and got rid of all my pictures so I have a gorgeous EMPTY computer that i am not looking at and afraid to use because I don't know where and how to get my pics to my external without openeing up in somethinng that I won't be able to find. I know how to run a computer and love learning but am at a loss here. I have trolled around the forums here and have found a bunch of things but that is making me more and more confused. I have since dumped my iphoto into my garbage and took out the trash and now I have Aperture because I love the editing in there it is very similar to my Lightroom. I always used Picasa on the PC so I did read somewhere in here to try out the Macintosh Explorer which I have d/ on my Mac. I have read here also to grab my aperture library and move it to my External I did that so how come I cannot find my pics to look at them where are they. IS there a book that I should read that is for dummies like me or am i making this so much harder than it actually is. I really want to learn this computer and I know that once I get it I will love it. HELP!!!!!!!! I realize there are all just random questions here but my basic is the photos. Since that is my livelihood I need to learn how and where they are going.!!!!!!
Be kind I have only had the thing for about a week........
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