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Originally Posted by J.Fo View Post

It looks like the snapshots do take up some space on your hard drive. However, you should know that you can't restore the entire system from the internal hard drive it the system crashes. The reason for this is that if you do have a hard drive failure, it's often mechanical in nature. If you can't access your regular files on the hard drive because it doesn't work anymore, how do you expect to access the "backup" files on it? The answer is, you can't, because the hard drive is broken. The whole point of a backup is to have a completely separate hard drive with all the data on it in case the one in you computer fails.
Thank you J.Fo. You are correct that the sole purpose of external is to still have the back-up should the internal will fail... But I only noticed that seems it's saving both ways (internal & external) because restoration is still possible at any point with or without the external.
I'm afraid this might eat up my internal HD a lot, but I don't think so (hopefully), I'm still not sure.
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