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Originally Posted by chasnotchaz View Post
I was looking at the Time Machine backup of my hard-drive today and noticed that in the Pictures folder there was no back up of any photos taken in 2011.

I went to i-photo, opened a file, found its supposed location which was

iPhoto Library
13 July 2011

But - that folder cannot be found in that location.. so does anybody know where the heck it might be..? It's baffling me and I'm slightly unnerved by the fact that a whole year's photos are apparently not backed up..!

Any help, gratefully received. Thanks.
I experienced exactly the same events, on iMac an empty Pictures folder (iPhoto AND all other contents gone) and TimeMachine (of all backed files, ONLY Pictures folder empty).

Apple user forums had others who share our fate, apparently a Mac OS or iPhoto bug. Upper levels of Apple Tech Support were unable to assist, so I remain in the same boat as you, without a solution.

Destruction of TM backup Picture folder contents is unforgivable.
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