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Originally Posted by Groovetube View Post
OP, I'm guessing the magic mouse wasn't properly configured where you tried it. I don't know why the people at the apple stores aren't smart enough to figure this out, this isn't the first time I've heard someone complain about certain things that we mac users know can be easily changed.

That's probably why you didn't 'immediately' fall in love with it and buy the iMac and buy 10,000 shares in apple on the spot

As mentioned you have options. I hated the MM and apple's keyboard at first, but unlike some who immediately love it, it took some time to get used to it, I actually like it. The MM became usable only after I downloaded an app called magicPrefs , it gave options apple didn't seem to have and should.
Thanks for your reply. I did find my way in the preferences on the iMac and set the speed to max. It was better, but still not where I like it. However, several people have now mentioned MagicPrefs and have indicated that it can make the tracking speed much faster than Apple's max, so it sounds like that would solve the issue. Otherwise, yes, I fell in love with it and just about bought it on the spot. It's like an infatuation, now
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