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Interesting. The app worked for me yesterday (April 22), although it took a couple of times to download the channel line up. After that the channels came through with good quality (in California). (I did notice that a couple of HD channels were only showing a video of their new product Futubox.)

I enjoyed BBC News news and the London mayoral debate (Ken Livingstone's looks have improved over the years...). Was looking forward to reconnecting with Eastenders today (lunchtime Pacific Time - our local TV station dumped Eastenders a couple of years ago ).
Unfortunately, this morning there are problems getting the line up. The app is not working for me at this time.

Whether the manufacturer broke copyright laws depends on whether or not they obtained permissions. No word as to that. The line up is too good to be true... Especially, given the technology phobic nature of the BBC.

As I did more research on this app I found This apparently is a subscription service that charges about 100 Euros per year. They offer similar channels.

I doubt if TV Premium English is legitimate (too good to be true), but if it were I would gladly pay the subscription fee (or for that matter the British TV license fee) to regain access to quality programming. However, because of the link to this app, I recommend against signing up for this service.

Just my $ 0.99 worth (the best money I spent this year).

A Dutchman in California
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