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I have a problem with my iMac and I hope you guys can help me.
Its an 24 iMac Mid 2007* 2.8 Ghz Core 2 Extreme (EMC No.: 2134 Model No.: A1225).
The iMac suddenly turned off as if sombody pulled out the powercable. If I press the power button nothing happens as if the machine gets no power at all.
So I opened the iMac and removed all the dirt and dust. I thought it might be the PSU but I cant see any optical defects.
When I pluged in the powercable the first Diagnostic-LED light up shortly and went off again. When i pull the cord and plug it in again nothing happens...
I checked the cable itself and tried another one to be sure its not teh cable.
Can I be sure that it is the PSU (because of the LEDs) or could it be the logicboard either?

Any Experiences?

Thanks for your help. And sorry for my poor english.
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