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I have a Mid-2007 Mac Mini with OS X 10.7.3, that, most of the time, will work fine with a DVI->HDMI cable and either of 2 HDMI ports on the TV. The Mini recognizes the display correctly (a Vizio E371VL). The display's native res. is 1080p at 60hz, and the Mini is set to that and looks great. I can switch to lower resolutions and even restart the mini and have the Vizio look and behave correctly.

However, I have an Apple TV (current generation - black brick) hooked up to the other HDMI port on the Vizio. It also looks and acts great.

The problem is when I switch between the inputs on the TV. If I go to the Apple TV (which will be working fine) and then back to the other HDMI input, the Mac mini shows black. The TV does not say "no signal" or indicate any problem. No amount of zapping PRAM, resetting the SMC or basic restarting helps. In fact, the TV still registers a signal at 1080p. Using Apple Remote Desktop from another Mac (a 2006 Macbook Pro with DVI) shows the Mini is still functioning and still correctly displays the Vizio model and 1080p @ 60hz resolution.

The kicker here is that I can physically disconnect the DVI/HDMI cable from the Mac mini and connect it to the Macbook Pro. The video from the Macbook will pop up immediately. I can switch between the Macbook and Apple TV all day long, switch resolutions, etc. No problem.

Even more bizarre is that this has the effect of "resetting" the Mac mini. If I plug the DVI connector back into the Mini, its video will pop back up. It will work fine as above until the HDMI input is changed again.

Vizio tech support acted as if they'd never heard of Apple, Inc. Useless.

Super frustrating problem.
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