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Hello all!

I am looking @ backup options for my mp3's and digital pictures. My hard drive is getting full and the amount of data i create is constantly growing and as such i need some storage options. I am considering these 3 options:

1. External hard drive and enclosure. I am looking at getting a Western Digital hard drive desktop 7200 rpm and an enclosure. I am concerned if heat may be an issue so i am looking for a recommended enclosure from any users out there. Also my friend's external hard drive crashed and i'm worried about the stability of desktop hard drives in an external enclosure as i have been told they are sensitive as they are not designed for that type of use.

2. This leads to my consideration of getting a notebook laptop and making it an external. Does anyone recommend a specific brand of hard drive? fujitsu, hitachi etc?? They do cost more but are more "shock" resistant.

3. An external dvd burner. However i am not completely sold on that idea.

please help me out with advice.

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