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Thought I would throw in some items since I've been using SSDs in my Macbook Pro 2010 13", and my 2011 iMac 27".

The Macbook Pro: using an X128, older SSD with Indilinx controller, in my MacBook Pro for over a year and no problems whatsoever. Extremely fast compared to the original 250GB internal.

On the iMac 27", same deal - I was able to get these at closeout prices early in 2011. The iMac 27" is using it via target disk mode, Thunderbolt 800, and a Macally PHR-S250UAB FW800 / USB 2.0 enclosure.

The iMac / Firewire combo isn't as fast as the SATA connected internal MacBook - but it's still way faster on bootup and launch of apps than the internal 1TB disk. I use the SSD for the OS and most of my applications - 120GB is plenty for that.

What makes an SSD truly fast for bootup and typical applications is its access time, not so much it's max transfer rates. This holds true on the external FW800 SSD I use. A platter HDD can drop down to 1-2MB/s on random accesses of small to medium size; these drives stay at 70-80MB/s on firewire 800 no matter what you're doing.

GoFlex : I have a 2TB FW800 / USB 2.0 GoFlex Desk daisy chained with my boot SSD on the iMac. I love the interchangeability of the GoFlex line.

Thunderbolt : Not using it yet but I will be soon.

Found some interesting data on the new GoFlex interfaces when coupled with an SSD, VS USB 3.0, and Sata-3. Link below.

Summary : 3x faster than USB 3.0 on data transfers. 1/3rd the latency of USB 3.0 . More than 3x the IOPs of USB 3.0

Thunderbolt Storage With Any 2.5" Hard Drive or SSD | - Storage Reviews

MacBook Pro 13.3 2.4Ghz C2D 8GB RAM
Corsair X128 128GB SSD
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