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I am oh so close to a 27" iMac purchase, and these issues wouldn't likely sway me, but I do have a few fears. As silly as they may sound, they're fairly big issues.

My fears all kind of revolve around the mouse and keyboard. The Magic Mouse looks and seems really cool. However, when I used it for a while in store, I wasn't sure I liked it. It's so small that my hand seemed to cramp up after any prolonged use. I'm not sure that was a good test, though, as I was standing instead of sitting and I normally brace my wrist on a gel pad, which I couldn't do in the store. I currently use a Logitech MX Revolution and really like it. It's very comfortable, tracks very quickly, and the free rolling wheel works great. I realize that I could likely just use this mouse with the iMac, but I would really like to switch over completely, if at all possible.

Here are my questions:

1) Does anyone find the Magic Mouse really, really slow? When I tried it in the store, I had to move the mouse half way across the desk to get the pointer completely across the screen. I have dual 24" monitors at home, and I can move the mouse pointer from the far side of one monitor to the far side of the other without moving the mouse more than about an inch. In my switch to iMac, I would be going with two 27" displays, and it looks like I would have the run the Magic Mouse halfway across the room to get the pointer across both screens. I went in to settings and maxed everything out, but it was still pretty pathetic. I tried the touch pad, and it was a little better, but not much. I'm not sure I could live with that. Is this a problem with OSX or with the mouse itself? I'm afraid that even if I use my MS mouse, it's still going to be painfully slow if the problem is with OSX. I like my mouse pointer to really boogie.

2) How can I live without my right-click context sensitive menus? I realize that the Magic Mouse now has the option to right-click. However, does most software support right-click menus now? If there is no menu in the software, then the right-click won't be all that useful. My fear is that it will be difficult to get at the bulk of the software functionality. With Windows, you can pretty much do everything with the popup menus without having to move your mouse very far or remember 1,000 key combinations. I realize that OSX will be a new way of thinking. I'm just wondering if there is still some type of easy way to get at the functionality related to a specific area of the screen. Are the options all still there somewhere?

3) Does the Magic Mouse work very good for scrolling? It seems pretty slick. Scroll like you do on the iPad. However, I'm wondering if that gets really hard on the hand after a while. The free rolling mouse wheel on my MS mouse makes it so effortless to scroll. I'd like to switch to the Magic Mouse to gain the extra gestures it supports, but am wondering if you find that you don't scroll much with the mouse due to hand fatigue.

4) The keyboard looks oh, so cool, but do you get used to the different feel? The keys feel so different from a traditional keyboard. They should be better, as they don't have to travel as far, but I sense it takes some getting used to. Due you find you really like the keyboard after using it for a while? I also wish they had a backlit keyboard for the iMac.

I'm really interested in anyone's impressions of what it was like switching to the bluetooth keyboard and Magic Mouse, both when starting out and after using them for a while.

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