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Originally Posted by Lastmboy View Post
I have never seen a case at any hardware level that a Mac doesn't cost at least twice what the pc does for same hardware.
After reading my own post, I think I should clarify...
I was just saying that Macs cost more than PCs. However, I was not saying they aren't worth it. I don't mind spending a more for quality, ingenuity, good service, and less hassle. I'm sold on the iMac. I played with it for a couple of hours and fell in love with it. However, it's still going to cost me a lot more than my PC did. It's also my belief (although I'm no expert) that they are assembled better and the components and software all work well together. That can't be said for most PC's. I love all the thinking that went into the iMacs. I keep coming up with questions, but my Apple rep always has good answers. For example, one thing that has always had me baffled is how the things don't overheat. I have a pc that is 22" high and 10" wide with five 8" fans and a mammoth heat sink with two giant fans on it. Then there's this iMac that makes no noise at all and just sits on your desk. I learned that the alluminum shell is more than just cool looking. It's actually a giant heat sink with the largest dispersion area you could ever have... the full 27" monitor. Too cool! Well, cool enough, at least.
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