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While we're at it, let's not compare the iMac with a generic PC tower built from off-the-shelf parts. That's not what it is. I could say that any miscellaneous laptop is overpriced because I can build a PC tower with better specs for far less, but it's not exactly a fair comparison, is it? Different form factors, different price points and specs.

Instead, let's compare the iMac with other all-in-one desktops on the market. Only then do you start to get a fair comparison.

I have never seen a case at any hardware level that a Mac doesn't cost at least twice what the pc does for same hardware.
Tell that to the various OEMs who have struggled to put out competitors to the MacBook Air at a price point at or below the $999 price tag of the base 11" model. Sure you can find them, but you'll find that they lack the polish of the Air. For a $100 more, you get a far superior machine in just about every way.

Does a pc get slower over a couple of years? Yes, most definitely, but that's not the hardware getting slower. That's issues with Windows, the registry, and whatever else gets screwed up on the pc. If you format the drive and re-install Windows, it will be just as fast as the day you bought it.
First of all, it should not be expected of any user to regularly re-install the operating system on their computers just to keep it running well. That is madness. Second, even if you never upgrade the operating system you use, applications will eventually require more and more power to run well. That alone can make your machine feel slower over time.

The reason anyone upgrades their computer is because better hardware comes out, and we want the new, cool, faster stuff. It has absolutely nothing to do with how long the computer "lasts".
In my experience normal people hold on to their computers for as long as they possibly can. It's only when these PCs suffer catastrophic failures do they look into replacing the machine completely. So, yes, how long it lasts is a very important factor for a lot of people.

This is actually a big negative (for me) about the Apple computers. I upgrade my pc every year because I want newer and faster, even though my existing one works fine. That will no longer be an option for me with a Mac, unless I can sell my existing one to buy the new one. They aren't very upgradeable.
Let's see how much of a negative this turns out to be a year from now when you realize how much money you'll get for your iMac.

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