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I'm looking for tips/tricks, helpful info and to see what folks have to say about their experiences running various software/hardware packages. I'm a long-time mac user with heavy background in prepress and graphic design (all things adobe/quark/font management/etc.) I'm a long-time mac user. (Also a long-time pc user, though I usually only admit that to IT people when absolutely necessary.) j/k - sort of...

I'm here now because I'm interested in browser issues, specifically Safari 5.1.5 on OS 10.7.3. Never really used Safari before (Firefox user) but growing to like the interface, however "___ errors occurred opening the page..." is getting old and it struggles with video and images at times. Also tells me I'm not connected once in a while in a new tab. It's not being truthful. I may put it back in the corner but thought I'd see what others say.

Maybe I can be of some help to someone out there as well. Thanks.
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