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I'm slowly going through the process of importing my 200+GB of photos from over the past ten years into iPhoto 11. I'm new to Mac (hackintosh, actually) as of half a year ago and so my photos have been stored in folders since my windows days using antiquated import programs such as Ofoto (Kodak).

The first thing I noticed when going through my photos is that finder lists the 'created on' for my thousands of photos as all somewhere around december of 2010, and the 'modified on' as all somewhere around december of 2011, which may have been when I finally copied them froma windows drive to a new hfs+ drive. When I open a photo in preview, open inspector and click exif, I can see an older date than 2010

Why is finder showing the wrong 'created' date??

When I import to iPhoto, it picks up the date coded into the exif file, not the one finder is displaying.

This would be fine, except...

For many pictures, this exif data is wrong too. For example, I have a folder of a 50-photo shoot from the same day in 2002. Half the files show up in iPhoto with 2002 dates, and half with 2004 dates. And many of them have time stamps around 11pm when the photos, taken outside, were clearly shot earlier in the day.

Is there anyway to find out what happened with the exif data on these files?

I've transferred this data so many times over the years between hard drives, larger ones, upgrades, etc., there's no telling when or where half the files would have their exif data modified on its own.

Any help is appreciated!! Thanks.