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I have been using mostly Linux for quite some time and I have avoided using any AV on it without incident. However, as malware, trojans, etc. are being slipped into innocent websites and machines with vulnerabilities are infected while visiting those safe sites, users have little means to detect a potential problem while searching/using a trusted site. With that in mind I'm using Sophos and have seen no speed or resource drop for doing so.

Our machines are plenty powerful enough to run a decent low-resource AV so avoiding doing so is just running at risk. Sure, you may never be infected, but will you know when you are or right before you are? We can claim all the safety we want about our own practices, but if your trusted site is hacked and becomes a breeding ground for malware spread, then what? It's an innocent site with malicious contents placed there by someone other than the site owner. How do you prevent that by running without protection?

Those are questions I posed to myself. Each of us has asked ourselves how we want to handle security beyond the inherent security measures built into the OS. I lean toward the "can't hurt to be too careful" side, but I totally understand those who trust their practices and their OS to remain free of issues.
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