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Hi, I've recently taken up running and use the Nike + gps app which is great!
I have however the situation where I don't want to run holding my phone but if I put it in my pocket it swings around banging my leg putting me off. So I've decided to get an armband but I don't really now which to choose.
I'd really like it to be for my forearm? (between your wrist and elbow) because then its easier to keep track on distance, time elapsed etc. but I don't know how adjustable these armbands are or even if they are designed for the part of the mark in which I intend to have it placed.
I've looked at the Nike armband as it looks durable and well made, but reading reviews because it's one piece of material it allows sweat to get to the phone which isn't exactly ideal. Any other reviews, suggestions etc would be much appreciated. The only problem that I can see about having the band on my forearm would be what happens to the wire of my headphones from forearm to ear as it would be flapping all over the place (I just use the ones apple supply with the iPhone) but perhaps Bluetooth headphones could be the way forward? So many things to consider! What does everyone else do? Or am I completely over thinking this? Xx
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