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Originally Posted by McYukon View Post

I had ordered a 500 GB HD and a 60 GB SSD from OWC, I then took out the 250 GB HD and the optical drive.
After I had installed the data doubler & SSD in the Apple default bay (Easy Peasy BTW), I booted from the 250 GB HD opened the Lion USB installer I made from the App Store download and started the install process.
The installer copied all the required files to the SSD and then proceeded to restart to the SSD and finish the install.

I then started bringing back files from the firewire 800 connected 250 GB HD to the SSD
All the apps went to the SSD, except for some larger ones/games that can reside out of /Applications.
My users folder I put on the SSD as well, because if the ~/Library files aren't on the SSD you will not see a speed improvement because all the support files the application needs are on the bottleneck HD. ( This is something I noticed, but no one on the internet mentions at all. )

Downloads, Pictures, Movies, Music, File Cabinet (My Documents folder) are all on the HD. Basically, anything that I do not need every week.

If you don't mind a speed decrease when using Bootcamp, by all means put it on the HD if possible.

I don't have any personal experience with cloning, but from the number of posts I have read about SSD's they all recommend a clean install. Reason being, the SSD has a controller board that decides where the data is best located, on a normal HD data is written from one end to the other. Hence if you clone, you will have the HD's data arrangement which is not optimal for the SSD arrangement. Thats what I've heard anyway.
Here is what intel trying to do with their installation of ssd. You have the owc obviously you have to install according to their instruction. intel specifies CCC,
crucial specifies Super duper. Cloning with clean install goes hand in hand other than OWC is a fact.
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