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Originally Posted by ycl1688 View Post
Does not matter what brand of ssd you have install clean osx is the sure to ensure your system stability.
I have done 1 owc 2 samsung and 1 intel ssd upgrades,
owc you got to get the install osx done, then migration assistant to get it work.
the rest of the brands, first carbon copy clone will do but the clean install is still needed.
To make life easier, except for owc, use the ssd as external drive and copy internal to external drive using ccc.
boot up external drive ssd to test if it boot up. then do external and internal drives swap,
then install the osx to your ssd, and you are in business.
I am a little unclear on what you mean. I understand everything except installing OS X after copying my internal to external.

In order to boot from a drive, wouldn't I need to install the OS first? Secondly, this Migration Assistant, is this what will transfer over my files and such?

Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks again!

EDIT: After reading for a bit, here is what I have learned:

I can use the OS X and Applications CD and basically get what a brand new mac would look like, on the SSD.

Then, I boot into the SSD, and begin Migration Assistant. I then choose to transfer from another disk (old HDD), and follow the steps given.

Is that correct? Also, what will I be missing or not on the new drive, that I did on my old one?

Why don't people just choose this method over CCC?

Thanks again!
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